Downtown’s Advocates

There are several groups, agencies and associations directly involved with downtown. It can seem confusing because at first glance it can look like there is some overlap in what they do. But they each were created to serve a specific purpose and each plays an important role in downtown’s future.



The Downtown Development Board (DDB) is a government entity composed of seven elected officials.

The DDB assists the City and the Community Redevelopment Agency (see below) in formulating plans for improving and developing downtown Clearwater and improving its overall economic condition. One of its priorities is preserving property values and preventing deterioration.

The DDB also focuses on marketing downtown and its businesses, and supporting/producing events in the Cleveland Street District. The DDB meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 5:30 pm at City Hall, open to the public. DDB’s website



The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is a taxing district established by the City to carry out redevelopment activities in the downtown and east gateway areas. (The east gateway district is roughly the area between Missouri and Highland which serves as an entry to downtown and the beach.)

The CRA’s charter includes: reducing or eliminating blight; revitalizing older commercial and residential properties; improving the tax base; creating and retaining employment opportunities: providing adequate parking; and encouraging public and private investments.

The CRA is funded by designated portions of property tax revenues from properties within the CRA boundaries. The City Council serves as the members of the CRA board. CRA’s website



The CDP is a group of downtown property owners, developers, citizens and civic groups. Its goal is to promote the revitalization and economic redevelopment of downtown.

The group is a non-profit organization and its board members are all volunteers. Membership fees are very reasonable and help support the CDP’s mission.

Its website includes information about upcoming events.  CDP’s website



There are 140 neighborhoods in Clearwater and more than half of them have neighborhood associations that are registered with the City. The Clearwater Neighborhoods Coalition (CNC) is composed of representatives from these associations. Our own Downtown Association is an active member.

The CNC’s mission is to advocate on behalf of neighborhoods to the City of Clearwater, Pinellas County, and the State of Florida and to keep us informed regarding issues that have a direct impact on our quality of life.

Monthly meetings are held on the first Monday of every month to discuss and address issues that are of importance to members. Anyone can attend. CNC’s website



The Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce is a business membership organization which represents more than 1,000 businesses in the Tampa Bay area, predominantly in North Pinellas County. The programs and services of the Chamber range from tourism promotion, networking opportunities, government affairs and access to local and state officials. The Chamber works closely with government officials at all levels to help maintain and encourage a business friendly environment.

Established in 1922, the Chamber’s mission is to enhance the business environment and promote economic health and growth while serviing as the premier Voice of Business in the Clearwater region.

Tha Chamber’s home office is in downtown Clearwater and it considers downtown to be one of its top priorities going forward. Chamber’s website



And last but not least… our own association!

We are an active member of the Clearwater Neighborhoods Coalition, and we interact regularly with the leadership of all the above organizations.

We represent the people who live and work downtown and we play an increasingly important role in helping to determine downtown’s future.

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