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Downtown Clearwater is a wonderful place to live and work.

With more than 500 homes and numerous businesses within its borders, downtown is indeed a neighborhood. Not a typical neighborhood, but one nonetheless.

For the purposes of our Association, downtown is considered to encompass those who live (or work) within an easy walk of the Cleveland Street District.

The primary purpose of the Association is to give us a voice. We need to make our thoughts known before decisions are made that impact our neighborhood. Complaining after the fact might feel good but it rarely changes anything.  As a group, we can affect (and sometimes prevent) outcomes.

Please follow this website regularly to keep pace with issues that could affect downtown. And please sign up as a member if you aren’t one already. Simply send us your name, address, email and phone. There is no cost and your contact information will be kept strictly confidential.

Jack Mortimer is the president of the Association. He lives in Water’s Edge with his wife and works for a national magazine that serves state, county and city governments in the field of Information Technology.

Please feel free to send your thoughts, questions and suggestions. Jack can be reached at jack[at]downtownneighborhood.net.

David Lillesand

David Lillesand is a board member of the Association. He is a downtown-area business owner (Lillesand & Associates Law Firm) and he lives in Water’s Edge with his wife Diane.

David can be reached at david[at]lillesandlaw.com.

CarolAnn Logan is a board member of the Association. She lives in Carol Ann Logan 2Pierce 100 and is President of their Condominium Association.

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