Referendum passes overwhelmingly!

On November 7, the voting public made an emphatic statement about the value and importance of downtown Clearwater. The referendum to allow Imagine Clearwater to move forward passed by a mile, 76% to 24%.

Downtown’s revitalization is clearly an indispensable factor in the future of our city! Read all about it in this Tampa Bay Times story.

Without a doubt, the referendum was the critical hurdle for Imagine Clearwater. The project is now officially on the launching pad. The public has spoken.

True, there is still the matter of legislative approval to amend a 1925 law that restricts certain activities along a portion of the waterfront, but this is a mere formality at this point. The city can now proceed with the engineering phase to design and guide the implementation of the Imagine Clearwater Master Plan. More details to come as the city begins the process.


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