Voter referendum on November 7

Here is what Clearwater voters will be determining on November 7:

REFERENDUM: Shall City Charter Section 2.01(d)(6) be amended as provided in Ordinance 9063-17 to allow construction and maintenance of certain improvements including playgrounds, water features, artwork, a boathouse, Marina office, restrooms, surface parking, roadways, plazas, sidewalks, trails, elevated walkways, boardwalks, benches, picnic tables, water fountains, litter receptacles and similar amenities, to support active and passive uses of the city owned Downtown Waterfront, generally bounded by Pierce St., Drew St., the Bluff and the water.

It’s clear that if the voters reject the proposal, the magnificent plans for the downtown park and waterfront are stopped in their tracks because none of the features listed above are allowed under the current charter restrictions.¬†Here is a link to the plans: Imagine Clearwater

Please register and vote if you’re eligible as a U.S. citizen and Clearwater resident!

The expected voting schedule:

  • Ballots mailed to military & overseas voters on September 22.
  • Ballots mailed to domestic voters on October 3.
  • Early voting from October 28 to November 5.
  • Election Day is November 7.

Last chance to register to vote is October 10. You can request a mail ballot here.