Master Plan accepted unanimously!

Clearwater has a brand new, modern, comprehensive Master Plan for the downtown waterfront and bluff! On February 2, the Imagine Clearwater Stakeholder Committee unanimously endorsed the Plan, and a few hour later the City Council accepted it unanimously.

This news is worth celebrating! It’s definitely a milestone for Clearwater. In this day and age, no city can be considered complete without a vibrant downtown core. A successful and attractive downtown is and always will be essential to a sense of a hometown identity. It’s happening all over the country, including our neighbors (some might even say competitors), St. Pete and Tampa. Now we won’t be left behind.

Kudos to everyone who pushed, prodded and worked on this all along the way. It was years in the making. But this is only the beginning. The next step is for the City to initiate the implementation planning process, which will heavily involve both the public and private sectors along with citizen stakeholder groups. We’ll keep you well-informed here on this site.

2 thoughts on “Master Plan accepted unanimously!

  1. This is great, but want to caution, as the council, city lawyer and assistant city manager did at the meeting, they accepted the plan which is different than approving or taking any steps to implement it. There are still several hurdles including agreeing on actual design and implementation, funding and most of all, voter approval. There are several constituencies in Clearwater that will oppose any referendums to make this a reality and we as a downtown group must be prepared to help support moving this forward. It’s not time for celebrating, but rather time to start organizing.

  2. Clearwater citizens have expressed that they want a waterfront which has many of the features that the Bradenton waterfront park currently offers. Citizens want to keep the waterfront and Bluff open and free to the publuc. The message was very clear.

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