Master Plan to be presented to the City Council

The six-month Imagine Clearwater waterfront master planning process, led by HR&A Consultants, is about to conclude with a presentation of the plan to the City Council on Thursday, February 2 at 6pm at City Hall. Please be there if you can, not only to show the Council that residents really care about this project but also to voice your support (or disagreement if you are so inclined).

You can view an advance copy by clicking on “THE PLAN” on the right. It’s a comprehensive and creative document, well worth the time to read. (It’s a large file and may take a bit of time to open.)

In our opinion, HR&A and their associates did a very commendable job capturing and incorporating the most frequently-voiced ideas, suggestions and priorities from the seven community workshops a few months back. Several of us attended every workshop and we were struck by the broad agreement among the participants across the city. The priorities voiced in the Countryside workshop were nearly identical to those in the Downtown workshop.

Once the plan is presented to the Council by HR&A, the city staff will ask the council to accept the proposed master plan and to schedule a workshop to begin the implementation process. We are assured that the public will be given opportunities to provide input throughout.

This is a major milestone for Clearwater. The consultants rightly refer to it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Let’s make the most of it!

One thought on “Master Plan to be presented to the City Council

  1. The consultants did a very good job at listening, and incorporating so many of the comments that I heard in the multiple presentations where the community offered suggestions. We know this is only the beginning. We need to keep the pressure on the City Council to move forward with this. I agree it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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