Waterfront park – thinking outside the box in Nashville

Nashville parkThis is inspiring. Not long ago, Nashville’s riverfront park was boring, under-utilized, and pretty much vacant most of the time. Much of it was a massive asphalt slab. (Hmmm… sounds familiar!) The city had a vision and wisely decided to make it the first phase in regenerating and reinvigorating its downtown waterfront.

The way they went about it was especially interesting. They chose to to make it an adventure park rather than just a lot of empty green space, or the other extreme, a commercial development. Link to article.

Phase 1 (Done): A beautiful adventure park that incorporates water features, climbing walls, river overlooks, trails, picnic lawns and other features, turning the park into a new city landmark that attracts both tourists and locals.

Nashville amphitheaterPhase 2 (Underway): An outdoor music pavilion (debuting this month), a new inland recreational waterway, including waterfront restaurants, sports fields, a festival lawn, river walks, bridges, and a boulevard with multi-modal transit options.

Phase 3: Transforming an industrial-like surrounding area into an integrated small business option for entrepreneurs and a simple residential neighborhood.

Phase 4: Ecological restoration to recover natural areas that will remain untouched by tourists and visitors.

We’re envious. This could be our downtown waterfront. Or dare we say… will be?