Church of Scientology announces major project

Plans have been announced for the construction of L.Ron Hubbard Hall, an auditorium that will seat thousands. It will be located on Fort Harrison Street next to the Flag Building, fronted by L. Ron Hubbard Park.

The auditorium may eventually have some availability for public use such as banquets, benefits and conferences, but it is intended primarily for Church functions.

We’ve been told that fundraising is underway but it’s still too early to set a target date. In the meantime, the Church is moving quickly on other projects along Fort Harrison Street in the first few blocks north of Cleveland.

We’ve got to hand it to them. While others are talking about investing in downtown, they are really doing it.

The following photos are courtesy of Here is the link to the article about the occasion of the announcement. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

LRH hall 1


LRH hall 2


LRH hall 3